Resume Writing Tips

Your Resume is the most important document of your job application.  This guide will take you through tips for writing a successful nursing resume and advise you on how best to structure your resume.  It is worth investing some time in getting a good resume to make sure you get interviewed before other candidates.

Your nursing resume needs to be very detailed and include all healthcare work experience, no matter how short.  Your resume must be up to date and you must give explanations for any employment gaps longer than 3 months. 

the basics of a good resume

identification, education & training:

Personal Section: – Full name / Contact details (permanent / temporary address), telephone and fax number, email address, websites, social media contacts if any.

Objective: – Your objective clearly and concisely tells the prospective employer what position you are applying for. The objective is often used as a screening factor.

Education and Training:

Do not include primary or secondary education in your nursing resume.  Record all healthcare related training in date order. Degrees, Diplomas and any post-graduate (specialist) courses must be noted.

Please include exact dates (months/years) when you started and finished each course.  Include the name and location of college or university and the name of the course obtained.  Also include any in-house courses you may have obtained, stating date and where they were obtained.

Professional Registration / Memberships:

Record the name of any Nursing registration, number and part of the register you may have.  Note any memberships to any professional organizations.  Make it clear which country you are referring to.


Work Experience – start with your most recent job and work backwards.

For each position held, include the following:

  • exact dates (month/year) – start and finish dates;
  • name of the hospital – giving a brief description of hospital – type (public / private) / size (no of beds);
  • position held (level and specialty);
  • whether full time or part time work;
  • Size of the unit (no of beds / types of patients managed)
  • Types of patients cared for
  • Specialist equipment – any new advanced technology
  • Your duties / responsibilities on a daily basis: you can include any managerial or teaching experience
  • Give a breakdown of dates you worked in each position or each specialty.  If you rotate between units, please note this down, giving a breakdown of the number of shifts/hours you rotate per month.

Volunteer work:

List your experiences even if they were not related to you work. Emphasize your leadership positions and accomplishments.

Military experience:

List your experiences if you have.


If you decide to include your hobbies emphasize your creativity or talent. List accomplishments such as awards won or projects completed.

Strong Word for your Resume                                 

Accomplished, Achievement, Adapted, Advanced, Analyzed, Assisted, Committed, Conducted, Contributed, Coordinated, Defined, Developed, Devoted, Diversified, Earned, Encouraged, Enhanced, Evaluated, Examined, Extended, Facilitated, Formulated, Fulfilled, Gained, Hosted, Implemented, Improved, Influenced, Maintained, Managed, Modernized, Motivated, Obtained, Organized, Originated, Participated, Performed, Pioneered, Promoted, Provided, Prepared, Planned, Presented, Pursued, Ranked, Recommended, Recognized, Safeguarded, Strengthened, Structured, Supervised, Tested, Trained, Transformed, Unified, Upgraded, Utilized, Valued

Sample Resume