Tips for Nurses


Start building your network. Develop and maintain relationships with people whose skills and experiences add to your professional well-being. Your goal is to identify and maintain relationship with people who maybe a source of information, advice, and support. Establish ties with local and international communities and professionals affiliations.

Using Social Media to Spread Resume

Consider the most popular sites:


In the U.S. employers are now trying to find out more about a prospective employee. They are now asking your social networking logins (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace…) make sure to clean your profile before they check. Example (sexually explicit materials, rants about a past employer, unseemly photos of you, check your credit score and correct inaccuracies). You should assume your prospective employer will see it.

Protecting Your Privacy

You need to provide enough personal information on your resume to allow employers to reach you; however, do not provide your Social Security Number or your birth date on your resume. This information can easily be used by identity thieves, and no employer would need to know this information to make a hiring decision.