CGFNS is a nonprofit organization internationally recognized as an authority on credential evaluation related to education, registration, and licensure of nurses and other healthcare professionals worldwide. It ensures that nurses and other health care professionals educated outside the United States are eligible and qualified to meet licensure, immigration, and other practice requirements in the United States. CGFNS validates international professional credentials and supports international regulatory and educational standards for health care professionals.

CGFNS Programs

There are four programs that are used by foreign nurses to meet federal and state requirements for employment as a nurse in the U.S.

  • VISASCREEN PROGRAM – A government-mandated program ensuring that your education, experience, and licensure are comparable to those of U.S. graduates, your license is valid, current, and without penalties, that you are proficient in written and oral English, and that you are a registered nurse and have passed a test of nursing knowledge by CGFNS Qualifying Exam or the NCLEX-RN Examination. The VisaScreen Program is required for nurses seeking an occupational visa to work as a nurse in the U.S.
  • CERTIFICATION PROGRAM – A review of your secondary school and nursing education, verification of your home country license as well as current license, CGFNS Qualifying Exam, and your English Language proficiency examination.
  • CREDENTIAL EVALUATION SERVICE (CES) – A written analysis of you education and licensure in terms of U.S. comparability.
  • NEW YORK CREDENTIALS VERIFICATION SERVICE (NYCVS) – This agency obtains your academic transcripts and licensure validations from the issuing agencies and verifies their authenticity, and reports to the New York State Department of Education. The state evaluates your credentials to determine comparability to U.S. education and licensure.

States not requiring CGFNS:

  • Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, and South Carolina.

States requiring CGFNS if English is not the primary language:

  • Arkansas, Nevada, and Mississippi

All other states requires CGFNS.

For more details check CGFNS website.